Teens can spend June in the museum! Museology is a Young Artist class (ages 13-18) for all the art lovers, art critics and those with wondering minds. Each class, students will visit art galleries in the museum and then respond to what they see through discussions and inspired art-making. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn more about the museum and its incredible collection of art, led by artist and educator Janet Tran. 

Why should students sign up for Museology?
Janet Tran: Art is such a vast and diverse subject that delves into many unique pathways, questions, and experiences that make it perfect for a deep dive exploration. There’s no better place than within the museum spaces alongside others who love art to come together and get inspired, and begin to understand or uncover something new in the world of art.  There is always something interesting to discover at the museum! We’ll learn about the art, ourselves and have opportunities to create art inspired by the  collection.  

What’s your favorite part about working at the Museum?
Janet Tran: Seeing how excited students, visitors, and fellow museum staff are with their experiences here whether it be seeing new artworks, learning new skills, or the numerous daily art happenings going on.  It’s great to be surrounded by art in all its forms as well as by those who support it whole-heartedly.

Describe your own art practice.
Janet Tran: It’s fueled by constant ideas that keep circulating within my mind to a point where eventually my concepts of “What if…?” are realized into what I hope are fun, imaginative, and ultimately engaging works for myself and others. I’m always looking forward to creative challenges and using what knowledge, resources, and skills I possess to problem solve in order to keep me open-minded and flexible to whatever comes my way.