I just spent four days at the American Association of Museum’s annual conference in Philadelphia. It’s a chance to exchange ideas with peers from museums across the country. I chaired a panel session on rebranding. I gathered the branding experts Mark Minelli of Minelli Inc. in Boston, Beth Tuttle of Met Strategies in Alexandria,  LeAnne Ruzzamenti of the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, and Honolulu’s own Bernard Uy of Wall-to-Wall Studios. The session was a success. Rebranding is a hot topic among museums, which are straining to attract new audiences. Many people say museums are important, but why? The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance produced a short film called “Spark,” in which everyday Philadelphians answer that question. The film was shown at one of two general assembly meetings, and had a big impact on the couple thousand museum professionals who watched it. (“He was just a common guy, but man, look what he left behind.”) Have a look for yourself. We’d like to hear from you—does the Academy ignite a spark in you? And if yes, why? Do you have a favorite work in the museum that makes you feel good?