duchampbig_504170aAcademy Director Stephen Little believes that the Academy is a place where everyone can have a transforming experience. An interesting 10-week UH Outreach course that starts on March 30 could make your next Academy visit even more transformative. Instructor James Garrison is teaching “Phil 306: Philosophy of Art.” “The course will be a survey of aesthetic philosophy,” says Garrison. “We will concentrate (though not exclusively) on how philosophers through the ages have thought about the relationship between beauty and truth. You don’t have to be a philosopher to join. Anyone who enjoys art and reflecting on art will find something to enjoy.” On his flyer, Garrison asks “Is this beautiful?” next to images of the Mona Lisa, Duchamp’s notorious urinal (pictured) and a minimalist Japanese tearoom. (If you said no to the second one, in 2004 it was named in a poll of 500 art experts as the most influential work of modern art ever.) His class could yield interesting answers. The class meets on Monday and Wednesday evenings. And Garrison said assignments include visits to the Academy. Yay. Need help registering? Contact Garrison directly, he’s happy to help: ude.iiawahnull@gmsemaj.