The museum is grateful to its volunteers—a cadre of dedicated people from all walks of life who bring with them skills and knowledge. On Feb. 24, the museum held its annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch and Recognition Ceremony to humbly thank this tireless group of people—the museum wouldn’t be what it is without them!

Stephan Jost gave certificates for years of service those who have supported the museum for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years, then everyone enjoyed a brunch buffet.

Our milestone makers:

30 years: Kevin Chang, Bette Takahashi, Patricia Li, Phyllis Nakasone (pictured above with director Stephan Jost)

25 years: Ethyl Aotani, Allyn Bromley, Beverly Helmer, Marcy Katz

20 years: Nancy Suzuki-Slakter

15 years: Linda Carr, Lillian Chang, Iku Donnelly, Louise Hill, Tori Keegan, Deborah Nehmad, and Mayette Zane

10 years: Betsy Behnke, Mary Lou Botelho, Victoria Hill, Julie Noji, Rebecca Ryan Senutovich, Esther Tanis van Allsburg, Kathleen Ung

5 years: Lynne Armstrong, Shirlee Beasley, Debbie Bocken, Frank Duckart, John Ellis, Brady Evans (who is also our part-time web content coordinator), Lynn Haia, Anne Kase, Carolyn Keane, Lyn Kux, Maria Lopez Haney, Tensie Lee, Tara Liu, Jean McIntosh, Linda Nishimura, Ellen Owens, Karlyn Pearl, Bill Pearl, Diane Reitsperger, Mary Rhine, Art Richardson, Patty Robb, Irwin Schatz, Sandra Simms, Cookie Stephan, Lily Tashima, Nancy Whitman, Debbie Ziemke