Christine Park has joined the museum’s Education Department as a Kress Interpretive Fellow. As part of her fellowship, she has developed two new free tours available to schools and community groups.

The new tour “Encounters: Renaissance & Philippine Art for Sunday School” is an open-minded, ambitious program that encourages all ages to express how they feel about the rich and rare collections of religious art on view in the galleries.  Students and adults explore religion and culture, making connections between art and everyday life. What does a 15th-century painting have to do with textiles from Mindanao? Why do anting-anting bear images of Mother Mary? What is an anting-anting? Through group discussions and fun activities, this Ipad-integrated tour reinforces religious studies and cultural understanding.  

This program is designed for all ages.

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The guided school tour “Encounters: Age of Exploration” makes unexpected links between Ferdinand Magellan, Captain Cook, Baby Jesus and Queen Juana as students learn about the Old World and the New World in the Age of Exploration. An otherwise heavy social studies topic comes to life with inquiry-based, fun art activities, leaving students with an understanding of the impact of voyages of exploration during the Renaissance. Using visual teaching strategies, this tour encourages students to share opinions and teaches them helpful memorization techniques that aid test-taking skills.

This tour is designed for grades 5-12

Learn more about this free tour here.
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