Have you looked at the Eugene Savage murals on view in Art Deco Hawai‘i and thought, “That would make a great aloha shirt”? Well, yes, they would! Tori Richard created this statement aloha shirt using  Savage’s 1940 mural Pomp and Circumstance, under license from Matson. Doesn’t it look good on the handsome Rick Rickard, who is on the museum’s physical facilities staff and is also a musician about town with his band Kuaehelani (that’s his middle name). Part of Tori Richard’s Orange Label, the shirt has a slim fit and is made of spun viscose. $88

Tori Richard's Boat Day Aloha shirt.

Tori Richard’s Boat Day Aloha shirt.

Part of Tori Richard’s same series of shirt featuring artwork from Matson’s collection is this “Boat Day Aloha” model. With a more traditional loose fit, it’s made from crease-resistant Cotton Lawn fabric (aka Egyptian cotton) is feels extra luxurious as a result of an exclusive finish Tori Richard developed more than 25 years ago. The artwork isn’t in the exhibition, but the cotton shirt is still cool (in all ways). $92

Great gifts to put under the tree for the colorful man in your life. Both shirts are available in the Museum Shop. 532-3679

OK, one more shot of Rick in the Eugene Savage shirt, so you can see how it hangs, and cause the buggah so handsome, li'dat.

OK, one more shot of Rick in the Eugene Savage shirt.