The Art Studio is again dark (for just one weekend) as Allison Uttley has packed up her work and moved back to the University.  As hoped, Uttley’s time here has garnered her some vision and clarity on future work.  Keep an eye on this artist, she’s on the cusp of big things.  

She left the Academy with this parting note:

All of the foil is flattened and Gallery 31 is empty. I admit that I felt that same sinking feeling as I pushed the helium methodically out of each balloon, as you might feel waking up to the remnants of a recently ended bash, all the while knowing that it was great while it lasted. 


I wanted to take a moment to say that I am entirely grateful for the space provided by the Academy and the opportunities it afforded.  I was able to work and install simultaneously as well as collect feedback from some excellent sources including my own thesis committee from UH Manoa (Gaye Chan, Charles Cohan, Mary Babcock, and Chae Ho Lee), and Academy professionals Steven Little, Shawn Eichman, Vince Hazen (at Linekona), and Theresa Papanikolas–who reminded me of my love for Dadaist traditions and encouraged me to set the sculptures free!  


Thank you also to everyone in the education department, and especially Maika’i Tubbs and Aaron Padilla who were available for my every whim including some much needed encouragement and comic relief.


Finally, I would like to thank all of the visitors who engaged my imagination with their drawings and conversation. 


My next step is to continue my research into the world of inflatables during my final months as a graduate student. I will be sure to keep you informed of future projects. All the best, Allison