The Honolulu Museum of Art Shop may be known for its stellar selection of art books, but did you know it’s also the place to find that precious accent that can bring an outfit all together? From handwoven scarves to contemporary jewelry you won’t find anywhere else on the island, the shop dares you to leave without finding something to check off your list. For more info on any of these items, call the shop at 532-8703.

Gonca Ruscitto draws inspiration from her Turkish and Anatolian heritage to create her alluring Hanife Designs jewelry. In the necklace above, she uses sterling silver and freshwater cultured pearls, bringing new life to traditional designs. $198

Sometimes leather doesn’t cut it in this high-tech world. Did you know people can go online and purchase an RFID scanner for less than $100 and with a little computer savvy, start pulling information off of RFID-embedded credit cards and IDs? Enter the HuMn wallet—made from anodized aluminum, they are designed to protect your credit cards and IDs from being scanned without your knowledge. $95

Guys can keep their Ulysses S. Grants in stylish line with pewter money clips by Patrick Meyer (they’re lead free). The San Francisco-based artist got his start as a fashion and jewelry designer in Paris. $37.95, assorted designs

Mexican designer Olga Abadi turns candy wrappers into her fun Nahui Ollin line of bags of all sizes. The weaving technique is Mayan, the wrappers 21st century reusable material. Coin purse $24.95, petite cosmetic $29.95, small handbag $67.50.