In the works for a few months now, our new cinema partnership with the Hawaii International Film Festival is official! We’re now buddies, like the two guys pictured above in the HIFF Spring Showcase selection Blue Bustamente (screening April 6 and 7). What does this mean, and why are the two organizations doing it?

“The Hawaii International Film Festival is proud to be a Cinema Partner of the Doris Duke Theater at the Honolulu Museum of Art,” says HIFF executive director Robert Lambeth. “As a member of the museum and as the executive director of HIFF, I wanted to ensure that the members of each organization were aware of all the great film programming offered at the Doris Duke Theater throughout the year and during HIFF’s Spring and Fall Festivals. We have a vibrant and exciting film culture here in Hawai‘i and film enthusiasts will love the diversity and quality film selection that this new cinema partnership offers to our community.”

Honolulu Museum of Art film curator Abbie Algar is excited to partner with an organization that shares so many of our goals, successes and challenges. “The museum’s year-round film program has always benefited from the amazing work Hawaii International Film Festival does to cultivate a vibrant film culture in Hawai‘i to expand film audiences and support filmmakers,” says Algar. “But even though our objectives aligned, we realized that our audiences didn’t cross over as much as we expected—or would like! We both saw that there was an opportunity to enrich what we were offering by working together to cross pollinate ideas, exchange knowledge, and create a dialogue between our programs.”

Honolulu Museum of Art supporters will hear from us about the programming that’s happening at HIFF, as well to see even more HIFF festival favorites having encore screenings at our Doris Duke Theatre.

“At the same time, we hope to engage HIFF’s audience base and give them the opportunity to see excellent films at the Doris Duke Theatre throughout the year,” says Algar. “This is a good time to be a film lover in Hawai‘i! We hope this cinema partnership will strengthen both programs and allow both of our organizations to reach and serve a far wider community.”

We kick our partnership off this week with our sixth Filipino Film Festival and the Hawaii International Film Festival’s Spring Showcase, which both start on Thursday, April 4.