We know there are a lot of you out there who have been thinking for years about taking a class at the Art School. You want to relive that fun life drawing class you took in college, you’d like to make some cool—very personal—Christmas gifts, ever since you saw Ghost you’ve wanted to try your hand at a potter’s wheel (man, that’s a long time ago!). Whatever the reason, just take the plunge already. Winter semester at our Art School is on! Here are just a few of the upcoming classes you can register for. These are all held at night or on weekends, so even working stiffs can make it.

• Monoprints Made Easy: Citrasolv Transfer Workshop
Nov 7-Dec 12
If you’ve been hesitating taking a class because you’re intimidated, this is a good option—the instructor is museum staffer Sam Guerrero who is an all-around great guy as well as a veteran printmaker with an impeccable pedigree. If anyone can make printmaking fun and intriguing, it is him. Just look at the print he made! #alohafrankensteinsmonster

• Color and Emotion Workshop
Oct 2-9
Learn about the important art movement of German Expressionism from an actual German! Instructor Regina Bode takes an all-sensory approach to teaching—she has MAs in visual art and music! She’ll lead you in letting German Expressionism inspire you to create your own contemporary art.

• Light Painting Workshop
Nov 1-8
Pencils and clay too pedestrian for you? Photographer Chris Rohrer, a member of the collective Sunshine Recorders, will show you how to paint with light. You heard right. It’s all about long exposures, so you need a camera that can do that. And with just two class sessions, you don’t need to make a major commitment, we know how incredibly. busy. you. are. (But we’re pretty sure you’ll make time for art after taking just one class!)

• Origami Art 2: Beginner Contemporary
Oct 27-Dec 8
Are you aware of the origami revolution? Dude, it’s changed a lot since you helped your cousin fold those 1,000 goddam cranes a lifetime ago. Origami guru Scott Macri (he’s also an architect!) shows you how to do. Forget rudimentary paper “balloons” and cranes, in this class you’ll make incredible art.