POW! WOW! Hawaii

See a new mural unfold: Spanish artist Cinta Vidal on ‘Blow’+

Born in Barcelona, Cinta Vidal studied illustration at Escola Massana,...

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Pow! Wow! Hawai‘i is back, and that means a new wall mural+

The scaffolding is going up today—star muralist Curiot flies into...

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James Jean: Organic characters and fractals+

Last night, artist James Jean started work on his mural...

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Pow! Wow! Hawaii expands to museum and Art School this week+

Last year, Pow! Wow! Hawaii, in collaboration with Los Angeles...

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Artist Hanasaurusrex: On yarnbombing and mermaids in Hawai‘i+

More than 100 invited artists converged on Honolulu for this...

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