Honolulu Surf Film Festival


See who Zak Noyle picked for the Rising Tide showcase of local surf film+

Earlier this year, HoMA’s theater program coordinator Sarah Fang approached...

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Scenes from opening of Honolulu Surf Film Festival 2019, and what’s coming up+

On Saturday, the 12th annual Honolulu Surf Film Festival kicked...

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Q+A with ‘White Rhino’ director Brent Storm+

Canadian-American filmmaker Brent Storm has gone from making promotional and...

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Honolulu Surf Film Festival charges into town July 6 with ‘White Rhino’+

From July 2011 to June 2012 there were three historic swells that...

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Honolulu Surf Film Festival guest curator Crystal Thornburg-Homcy wants to inspire you to get involved with the ocean+

Hawai’i-born Crystal Thornburg-Homcy will confidently tell you that her relationship...

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Anna Trent Moore on preserving surf history+

The Honolulu Surf Film Festival always closes with a film by...

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Museum Shop serves slices of Beachcake throughout July+

If you have kids, you may already be familiar with...

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Museum Shop prepares for a psychedelic July+

The Museum Shop celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Summer...

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Old lions pay tribute to Ricky Grigg at Honolulu Surf Film Festival closing night+

On July 31, big-wave legends Peter Cole, Kimo Hollinger, Jock...

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Surf legends night at the Doris Duke Theatre+

Last night was the closing of the Honolulu Surf Film...

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We have a winnah! 2: Dr. Tom Shearer+

At the opening night of the Honolulu Surf Film Festival,...

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