'Stomp' cast members and Kenny Endo's Taiko Arts group

The kids enrolled in the Academy Art Center at Linekona’s Exploring Art of Furlough Fridays classes (so popular we had to add an extra one) got a special treat today—four cast members of “Stomp” and Kenny Endo’s Taiko Arts Group dropped by for a special show. Passersby stopped to join in the fun, and one dad went and grabbed his kids from a nearby school.

Kenny Endo kicked things off, demonstrating the meanings of different beats and sounds of taiko drumming. (Did you know there are specific drumming techniques to depict things like wind rattling shutters and snowstorms?) He and his troupe even picked six students—Genevieve, Holden, Lauren, Cara, Cole and Cable—to try some taiko drumming themselves.

Then four members of “Stomp” took the makeshift stage and showed kids how they can make instruments out of everyday items such as garbage cans and plungers. New Yorker Donisha Brown got the crowd riled up and she was joined by her three colleagues who are originally from Hawai’i—Guillaume Carreira, Ivan Delaforce, and Andres Fernandez. Their infectious, innovative beats were a mood elevator. You can catch them at Hawaii Theatre Dec. 22 to Jan. 3.

Then the two groups joined forces for a foot-stomping, energetic finale. Who knew taiko drumming and an Off-Broadway urban drum show went so well together?