Do you run in town, or know people who do? You’re going at a good clip and up ahead see a guy and his dog walking super s l o w, while taking up the whole sidewalk. There’s too much traffic whizzing by to jump off the curb. You don’t like to shout “On your left!” Now you can make like a bike and simply ding your Runbell, a new gadget designed for urban runners. And the Museum Shop is the only place on the island that has them.

Sure, there are other bells to be had, but most of them are made of aluminum, which has poor dinging qualities. Runbell is made of brass—like a trumpet—and makes a powerful, beautiful sound. And it weighs just one ounce—you wear it like a cool ring. Great for the Honolulu Marathon too. Ding! Get it now in the Museum Shop. $29.95. Call 532-8703 for more information.