Ever since Anna Rice Cooke founded the museum in 1927, the Board of Trustees has periodically updated its vision, mission, and values to ensure that we are a forward-looking institution. The document just got its most recent update—it took four months and leadership from our Chair, Vi Loo; Vice-Chair Josh Feldman; and board members Linda Ahlers, Jim Lally, and Kelly Sueda. We spent time refining it to a simple, elegant set of statements. Now, I want to share it with you. 

Our Vision:
To be a world-class institution with great collections of art and leading education programs.
We will reflect the changes that are happening in Hawai‘i, Asia, and the world.

Our Mission:
To bring together great art and people to create a more harmonious, adaptable, and enjoyable society in Hawai‘i.

Our Values:
• We find inspiration from great art
• We respond to new art
• We are committed to be accessible to all
• We are responsible stewards of our institution
• We value creativity and respect innovation
• We do all of this with aloha

Coming off of four years of positive change—from rebranding to gaining solid financial footing—it is the perfect time to refresh this document that guides the museum. Now we look ahead with ambition to reach the goal of truly embracing our potential to be a world-class art museum. As a museum supporter—whether as a member, a movie goer, ARTafterDARK fan, an Art School student, or once-a-year visitor—you are a valuable part of the team that will make this happen. And we thank you.