Ryan Higa

Starlight Ball returns at its new spring time slot May 8. That’s just two weeks away and we’re moving full steam ahead. New date, new art angle—tireless volunteer (and former staffer) Waileia Roster has put together an ARTBAR. Instead of a silent auction, Starlight Ball will feature an art sale of works by some of Hawaii’s best artists and at affordable prices perfect for tyro and veteran collectors alike. In keeping with this year’s theme—Black + White—you can guess what color all the art is. Above is Ryan Higa’s “One Thing at a Time Now” for just $425. We thank Ryan and all the other artists who are taking part in this amazing sale. Want to see what else is at the ARTBAR? We’ve got a whole online gallery.

The Academy needs your support more than ever, and attending Starlight Ball is a great way to do it.