The museum’s facilities team keeps all our locations in tip-top shape. Every day before the doors open, this crew is like an army of menehunes attending to everything from rain gutters and roof tiles to sculptures and metalwork. Their tireless efforts maintaining every square inch of the museum means they have a lot of one-on-one time with works from the collection. We asked Yong Wilson, one of the hardest working staffers, which one is his favorite piece.

“Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. When you look at the painting closely, it just looks like a bunch of clumps of paint here and there, but when you step back  five to ten feet away, you see the picture come into focus. I liked it from the first time I saw. I don’t have an artistic way of thinking—my background is in carpentry. I like things to be straight and angular, like when building a home or renovating. So when I see that someone can make a picture come together with just the stroke of a brush it is awesome.”