D. Howard Hitchcock (American, 1861–1943)
Torchlight Fishing at Waikiki, c. 1920
Oil on canvas
Gift of Helen G. Gary in memory of her husband James F. Gary, 2006 (13585.1)

Associate director of outreach programs Justin Davies and his team build the bridge between the museum and the community, working with schools, teachers, and community groups. Justin, who is also an accomplished artist (a selection of composite images from his series Disremember were recently on view at The Pig and the Lady), spoke to us about his favorite piece in the museum’s collection.

“My choice of a favorite piece in the museum really changes from week to week. I chose this piece today because I’ve recently had some great conversations with students about this painting. It never fails to spark their curiosity–Waikīkī unplugged, Diamond Head in the distance, people in the water with torches.”