Garry Ka‘aihue, our Spalding House facilities manager, knows the structure and its grounds as intimately as it’s possible to know a property—he has been there since before it was a museum. He started working at Spalding House in 1980 as property manager—when the estate was home to museum trustee Thurston Twigg-Smith and his Persis Corporation. Garry has seen—and assisted in—the installation of all the sculptures in the garden. We asked Garry, “What’s your favorite work of art from the museum’s collection?” Here’s his answer (and he helped pour the concrrete slab upon which it rests!):

George Rickey’s Breaking Column. I like the fact that it’s in constant motion, just like the world in general. There’s always change, but in a subtle way, depending on the weather. On bright sunny days with hardly any breeze, there’s hardly any movement, and when the wind picks up, the more change you see. Some people walk up to it and ask, “Where’s the motor running?” The motor is nature itself. People are taken aback and can’t believe it.