If you take classes at the Art School, you may be familiar with assistant director—and artist—Pearlyn Salvador. Her 2013 installation Daydreaming was one of the first to fill the Nanogallery. Salvador joined the museum in 2004, as a part-time art instructor after she received her BFA in sculpture from the University of Hawai‘i. When asked to name her favorite work in the museum collection, she headed to the Korea Gallery and its famed Plum Blossom Vase, which in turn took her on an art nostalgie trip.

“I remember looking at this piece when I was in art class, and it was one of the first classes I took. I had to go to the museum for an assignment. I wanted to challenge myself with another piece, but I loved this one so much. I appreciate its technique with sizing and decoration. It’s celadon glaze, and I’ve always admired the beauty of that greenish-blueish glaze—it’s so well known. I love the simplicity, the lines, and the patterns on it. It’s very subtle.”

Plum Blossom Vase

Plum Blossom Vase (Maebyeong)
Korea, Goryeo dynasty, early 12th century
Stoneware with celadon glaze
Purchase, 1970