Each year since 1978, the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce supports the business of art in Hawai‘i by holding an exhibition of the best works of local artists. Among the selected works of this year were six from our very own Art School instructors.

The HJCC Exhibition is one of the most prestigious shows in the state of Hawai‘i—so of course, I was honored and feel absolutely elated about having my work selected,” Art Instructor John McCaskill says. 

The exhibition will open on Aug. 16 at the Honolulu Museum of Art School. View the artwork before checking out their offered classes and learning from the best:

Ashley Huang, Art Instructor, Adult Ceramics and Young Artist

From left to right: "Blinded," "Sweet Hallucination," "Budding Nostalgia" by Ashley Huang.

From left to right: “Blinded,” “Sweet Hallucination,” “Budding Nostalgia” by Ashley Huang.

Check out Huang’s Hand-building class, Sept. 14-Dec. 14.

George Woollard, Art Instructor, Adult Watercolor and Printmaking

"Emergence" by George Wollard

“Emergence” by George Wollard

"Presence" by George Woollard

“Presence” by George Woollard

Check out Wollard’s classes, The Print as Metaphor, Sept. 11-Dec. 4, and Composing with Watercolor, Sept. 14-Dec. 14.

Hiroko Sakurai, Art Instructor, Adult Paper and Book Arts

"Through the Woods Fire" by Hiroki Sakurai

“Through the Woods Fire” by Hiroki Sakurai

"Through the Woods Water" by Hiroki Sakurai

“Through the Woods Water” by Hiroki Sakurai

Check out Sakurai’s classes, The Art of East Asian Traditional Mounting: Scrolls and Screens, Sept. 14-21, and Introduction to Scroll Mounting, Oct. 19-Nov. 30.

John McCaskill, Art Instructor, Adult Printmaking

"Waypoints" by  John McCaskill

“Waypoints” by John McCaskill

Check out McCaskill’s Introduction to Relief Printmaking class, Sept. 11-Oct. 23.

Jon Vongvichai, Ceramics Program Manager, Adult Ceramics

"Soda Bowl" by Jon Vongvichai

“Soda Bowl” by Jon Vongvichai

Check out Vongvichai’s class Ceramics Expression, Sept. 11-Dec. 4.

Lauren Okano, Art Instructor, Young Artist

"Blue note 2" by Lauren Okano

“Blue note 2″ by Lauren Okano

"Temple Spirit" by Lauren Okano

“Temple Spirit” by Lauren Okano

View all of the Art School’s Fall 2018 offerings here.