Earlier this year, HoMA’s theater program coordinator Sarah Fang approached acclaimed second-generation Hawai‘i surf photographer Zak Noyle (his self-portrait pictured above) about curating a program for this year’s Honolulu Surf Film Festival, which kicked off on July 6.

Noyle was stoked about being involved in the festival but made a counter offer—what if he and the museum instead asked for submissions of micro surf films (no more than three minutes long) by aspiring local filmmakers, and do it via Instagram? Fang thought it was a great idea, and Rising Tide with Zak Noyle was created.

The submission period ended June 24, and Noyle’s picks are in—congratulations to the 10 talents who made the cut.  “I really want to make it about these filmmakers and their moment to be in the spotlight so this will be epic!”

Get a taste of these up-and-coming talents July 19, 20 and 23:

David and Tatum Arias: The Lady and the Sea

Ramon Brockington: Sisters of Surf

Haden Brown: Hawaiʻi: Island Life

Raja Iliya and Jon Spenser: Menehune Mayhem 2019

Dominick Nicholas: Passion Minded—A Change in Current

Nolan Omura: Home

Tommy Pierucki: My Point Of View

Yoshinori Tanaka: Nā Kaha nalu i ka Hawaiʻi

Adam Weitzel: 30 Waves 30 Days

Elise Wilcox: Blissed Out

See what else is in the festival lineup! Get your tickets online before they sell out.