In an unorthodox move, the museum has repositioned the two elements of the installation Land Division: An Installation by Sean Connelly, at the request of the artist.

“There are so many ways to look at a sculpture,” Connelly said last Thursday when he visited the museum to check his altered work, while home on break from Harvard. “When I found out in September that the show would be extended, I thought it would be cool to show an alternative view of it.”

Previously two halves of the structure were placed together, forming a sort of guava sapling mastaba. Now they have been separated, so that visitors can walk between the two elements, and previously hidden angled cuts of branches.

Connelly approached James Jensen, the museum’s curator of contemporary art about his idea, and Jensen agreed. The artist is pleased with the change. “The concepts of symmetry and asymmetry are important to the piece, and when the two pieces were together, symmetry overpowered the asymmetry.