After telling us about her journey to the East Coast with Childe Hassam’s Isle of Shoals, Broad Cove, Pauline Sugino’s adventures as museum registrar continue, taking her to Spalding House to oversee a much smaller journey of a much larger piece of art.

“We relocated two outdoor sculptures—John Buck’s Father and Son at the front entrance and Arnold Zimmerman’s untitled stoneware piece next to the café,” Sugino explains. “Mahalo to board trustee Kelly Sueda and his team for expertly moving the sculptures with the help of Spalding House, Operations, Security and Collections staff.”

Buck’s Father and Son, which has long stood guard right outside the front doors to Spalding House, is now just inside the driveway.

“We were looking at a safer place to put it in the front, somewhere more visible as you drive in to the parking lot,” Spalding House director Aaron Padilla said. “So now the larger Buck greets you right as you come in.”

Blog_Sculptures 1

Consultant Kelly Sueda monitoring Buck’s ‘Father and Son’ as a forklift carefully moves it.

The museum’s collections team wrapped, secured, and closely monitored the pieces as a forklift carried them to their new post.

“Whenever you’re moving large pieces, you want to be careful, and large pieces like that, the whole facility is taken into account and making sure you’re not damaging the building and trees,” Padilla said.

Pictured at top: Museum collections technician Al Ness and consultant Kelly Sueda of Kelly Sueda Fine Art wrapping Father and Son in protective blankets before transit.