Summer classes have begun at the Art School. Every day children and adults can be seen in every corner of the building expressing their creativity in all sorts of ways—from drawing and painting, to ceramics and photography.

You might be thinking to yourself “Golly, I suppose I missed the boat on this one!” First: We appreciate that you still use the term “golly.” Second: There are still plenty of classes that haven’t started yet for which you can still sign up! We’ve selected a few highlights for you below. Click here for a full list of classes.

Screen Printing / Jul 6-Aug 10

This one starts soon, so you better act quick. Learn the basics and have a strong understanding of the Screenprinting process. Create multi-color prints without the use of computer using a variety of techniques. Perfect for the total beginner as well as those with some printing experience.

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Bontemae: Tea Ceremony / July 11 – August 15

Bontemae is the simplest form of Japanese tea ceremony. Learn the history of wabi cha, founded by Sen no Rikyu more than 400 years ago, and elements such as the arrangement of implements and serving tea. Implements required: tea bowl, chasen (bamboo tea whisk), chakin (tea cloth), chashaku (bamboo tea scoop), fukusai (silk cloth), natsume (tea caddy), kensui (water jar), and obon (round 14-inch tray). A set of implements is available for purchase from the instructor.

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The Arts of Hawaiian Kapa Making / Jul 11

Afraid of commitment? Try this one-day workshop! Making kapa, the fiber/paper/cloth used by Polynesians, Asians, South Americans and Africans, is a time- and resource-heavy art. Learn about the arts and skills necessary to create fine Hawaiian kapa. Using traditional tools, you will strip and pound your own piece of wauke bark and color it with a natural dye you bring from home. Students learn printing basics with a “modern” ‘ohe kapala stamp. Tools and materials provided. For more information about Delani Tanahy and kapa, visit

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Light Painting / July 19 – July 26

You know you’ve done it before: That photo where it’s dark, and you set your camera with a long exposure so you can draw the shape of a heart/circle/your name with a sparkler/glow stick. It’s textbook Instagram bait. If you’re reading this article on the day it was published (Independence Day), you’re probably planning on taking one of those pictures tonight.

Go ahead, get it out of your system, but then consider taking your photography game to the next level in Light Painting. You will work together with classmates and an instructor and experiment with a variety of light sources such as flashlights, colored flashes, programmable led light sticks and other DIY light modifiers built in class. Each light source has its own unique look and allows you to creatively manipulate light within your photographs. A camera with manual controls, led flashlight, and tripod are recommended. Includes a “Universal Light Painting Connector.”

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Find Your Wonder: Physical Comedy for Visual Artists / Aug 14

Taking inspiration from Matisse cut-outs, Rodin’s sculpture and Picasso’s clown paintings, students access the world of imagination, infinite possibilities and wonder. Discover the reasons these great artists explored the comic world. Students learn techniques to access the wonder through your own body, imagination and movement. If you’ve ever wanted to engage your inner clown to grow as an artist, that’s what this three-hour intro workshop will do. With the use of exercises, this inner freedom will grow, like a flower, into a little blossom. Your sense of self will expand, embracing all aspects of who you really are. Wear loose-fitting clothing, have an open mind and be prepared for laughter under the tutelage of Suzen Murakoshi AKA Little Fat Shorty.

Murakoshi leads the course fresh off of a month-long workshop with master clown and theater professor Philippe Gaulier, the Simon Cowell of physical comedy (see what we mean here).

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