The arrival of August typically signifies the end of summer and the start of school—in this case, it’s the Honolulu Museum of Art School’s Fall 2018 semester. Students of all ages and skill levels (including those who technically graduated from schooling some odd years ago) are welcomed to explore their creative sides with studio art classes at the Honolulu Museum of Art School and at Spalding House in Makiki Heights. 

With a wide range of teachers and mediums offered, both lifelong and brand new students can finally indulge in any inkling of learning Oshibana, or can hone their ceramics skills. Not to mention, almost all classes now include visits to the museum where students can study up close artworks directly related to what they’re learning.

With Fall 2018 registration beginning on Tuesday, August 7, here are some highlights from class offerings:


Metals: Intro to Metals: Piercing Pendants, October 13 + October 20

This two-day workshop hosted by local artist Juvana Soliven will be an introduction to the use of a jeweler saw to pierce delicate details into a sheet of metal for a one-of-a-kind look. Students will learn about designing the pierced image, saw blade sizes and metal gauge, methods of image transfer of plan to metal, and appropriate use of a jeweler saw.


Drawing + Painting: Introduction to Contemporary Drawing, September 10-October 22

Even with all of today’s many digital art tools, aspiring artists need a solid knowledge and background in drawing. From color contrast to composition, and classical and contemporary drawing techniques, French artist Kosta Kulundzic will cover all the bases. Through exercises, a constant drawing practice, and studying the work of selected illustrators, artists, and cartoonists, you will develop the tools and techniques you need to cultivate your own creative process.

Textiles: Batik, November 5-December 10

Batik is an Indonesian word meaning “writing with wax.” It is based on a process in which wax or another form of resist prevents dye or paint from coloring the fabric in the patterned areas where the resist is applied. Resist and dyed areas can be layered to create complex designs and lovely textures. With instructor Liz Train, students will explore several types of resist and paints or dyes to create samples or finished artworks.


Textiles: Traditional Hawaiian Kapa Designs / Dyes & Ohe Kapala Carving, September 10

Learn about the different, and not always seen art work of Hawaiian kapa and how and why the designs changed after western contact. Bring natural dyes from home or raw plant or other materials to discover ways to make dyes in class. You will also be carving the bamboo ohe kapala stamp and making stamps of modern materials that are often better for use with acrylic paints, ink pads and children. This one-day class is taught by kapa master Dalani Tanahy, who designed a kapa for this year’s Flower Show.

Ceramics: Hand-building, September 14-December 14

Wheel shmeel! Explore the historic technique of hand-building and take advantage of having thumbs with instructor Ashley Huang. This course will have you using your digits to create sculptural and functional work. Be prepared for pinching, heavy coiling, and slabwork.

View all of the Art School’s Fall 2018 class offerings here.