Kids having fun on "the obstacle course"

I’ll have to admit that the possibility of hundreds of children swarming in to my installation made me nervous at the beginning of Bank of Hawaii Family Sunday on July 17. But I really enjoyed watching the kids and adults react to my piece and hearing their responses. Some families and adults had a lot of input that I later put into my piece.

The picture above is of a family that came to explore and the youngest daughter Tessa (age 4) had no qualms or lack of energy. I had laid on the ground a bed frame that I was going to use as a gate. She had so much fun running between the bars that I later incorporated it (see below) and she exclaimed that she loved the obstacle course. Working on it daily, I had not recognized this as an obstacle course and was very pleased at her awareness. They also had a great time rearranging the letters on the fridge, as did the first child to enter the room who quickly changed my instructions to his name, Keith.

It was nice to see the interaction, but unfortunately I do need these instructions for the mini golf game and had to glue them down. That interaction might have to wait for another interactive sculpture, unless I keep the back of it playable. The last pic is of a little boy and his sister. He would never go in by himself, but loved following his sister into the cage as she told me, “This is the coolest room ever!” Several adults also had great ideas, some of which I had considered but couldn’t figure out. One person did not see the ironing boards as the white picket fence until I told her, therefore I ended up changing the piece altogether and removing the legs of the ironing boards so that it was less confusing. All in all, I received a lot of great feedback from the day and although the piece was not yet working as a mini golf course, everyone seemed to enjoy it and linger. It should be running for Art after Dark on July 29 and has changed considerably since Bank of Hawaii Family Sunday—I will post those pics in the next couple of days.