The museum is saddened to learn of the passing of Lawrence J. Stupski, who, with his wife Joyce, has been a friend and supporter of the Honolulu Museum of Art’s education programs since 2004. Most recently the former president of the Charles Schwab Corp. created the Honolulu Museum of Art School Free Day with a generous grant of $300,000 from the Stupski Family Fund. Free Day, which debuted in March and is held the first Sunday of each month, is designed to create a meaningful difference in the lives of children from low- and moderate-income families in the museum’s neighborhood by increasing access to the museum’s Art School. School instructors, community partners, and McKinley High School students organize and execute the monthly program.

Beyond the museum, Mr. Stupski was the mastermind behind bringing Teach For America to Hawai‘i and was a national TFA board member. Mr. Stupski, who divided his time between San Francisco and Hawai‘i, made many contributions to education through the Stupski Foundation and through The Stupski Family Fund, overseen by the Hawai‘i Community Foundation. “He loved Hawai‘i and was a fierce advocate and supporter of our keiki here,” said Teach for America executive director Jill Murakami Baldemor in a statement. “He was exceptionally wise, always providing keen perspective, both from a business lens and a human lens. He was extremely generous with his time and support. And, what I will remember most is how extraordinarily humble and kind he always was. While he was a very successful businessman, I will remember him as a great mentor and friend.”