You got to follow the reinstallation of Gallery 4, which became the portraiture gallery (here’s a “during” shot). Now closed are 5 and 6. What were period rooms of 17th-century European art and 18th-century European art respectively, will become home to 18th-century paintings and sculpture, and Impressionist and Post Impressionist work. Whoop de doo you say? Not such a big change? It’s the selection and placement of pieces, and even the color of the walls, that will make you experience these works in new ways. That’s the job of the curator.

Curator of European and American art Theresa Papanikolas writes this about Gallery 5 changes:
“The four galleries currently devoted to the 18th century give preference to furniture and the decorative arts, treating the Academy’s important paintings from this period as ornamental accents in faux domestic tableaux. These key works, however, merit a jewel-like display in a single gallery. Works by the French Rococo artists François Boucher and Claude Michel (Clodion) will be on view here, as will Leonardo Coccorante’s Landscape with Roman Ruins and Marcantonio Franceschini’s Madonna and Child, both newly restored after a lengthy treament campaign.”

Here’s what she tells us to expect in the Impressionism gallery: “Work by the painters Paul Cézanne, Henri-Edmond Cross, Paul Gauguin, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Odilon Redon, Vincent van Gogh, and others will reveal how Impressionism reinterpreted the landscape tradition and paved the way for abstraction. Sculpture by Antoine Bourdelle and Auguste Redon, and work on paper by artists such as Cézanne, Edgar Degas, James Ensor, and Auguste Renoir will enliven the installation.”

Cannot wait to see these two galleries when they’re unveiled in about two weeks. This is where you’ll see the new ceramics cabinet that Curatorial Assistant Amber Ludwig has been working on for months.

The project is part of a months-long reimagining of galleries 1 to 10 that ends in September. All part of the year-long  unfolding of the “new” Honolulu Museum of Art!