From sketches and prints of artists who traveled with Captain James Cook to images of Hawai‘i by 20th century artists such as Lloyd Sexton and Arman Manookian, depictions of the Islands have varied widely depending on the perspective of the artist. 

This free tour takes students through our permanent collection of traditional Art of Hawai‘i and the Pacific Islands and two temporary exhibitions: Encounters with Hawaii: Art in an Age of Exploration 1778-1820 and Art Deco Hawaii. Students will explore the changes and continuity of Hawaiian culture following Western contact by considering the different viewpoints of Hawaiians, explorers, merchants, missionaries, modern artists and tourists. Students will create a visual timeline using reproductions of the art and write a picture postcard expressing one viewpoint of change in Hawai‘i. Students will also receive a take-home booklet.

This tour is designed especially for grades 3-4.

We will begin taking SY 2014-2015 reservations for this tour (and all of our other offerings) on July 1, 2014.

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