Have you ever left home without your phone? Many of us feel lost when the aggregate of all human understanding isn’t immediately accessible from that little rectangular piece of plastic in our pockets. Some feel like they can’t function at all.

Organizations like the museum are no different. With more than 150 computers, and 14 servers storing 15 to 20 terabytes of information across three locations, the museum’s network infrastructure is one of its most important assets. Everything from membership tracking, finance, security, art collections tracking, points of sale, and more operate on the back of this network. Without the network, we’d be just as lost as a tween without a wi-fi password.

If the network is our backbone, then our chiropractors are the IT department. Among this talented group is network administrator Peter Helto, whose job it is to, as he puts it, “fix all the things.” With 10 years of experience in everything from network administration to infrastructure design, Peter is an IT Jack of all trades.

Luckily, Peter found some time in between putting out fires to give some thoughts on his staff pick: Lee Bontecou’s 1964 untitled work on view in our gallery of Modern highlights:

Up close with 'Untitled'

Up close with ‘Untitled’

“It’s very steampunkesque and I’ve always been a fan of that style. I like how raw it is with the non-traditional materials such as the canvas, exposed metal and copper wiring.  It’s a myriad of wasted and overlooked materials put together to form something with personality expressed in what looks like eyeballs and teeth.”

Lee Bontecou
Untitled, 1964
Welded steel, canvas, velvet hooks, grommets, sockets, velveteen, pipe fittings, fiberglass, corduroy, spark plugs, paint, and wire.
Purchase, 1968