Behind-the-scenes news from the Honolulu Museum of Art

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For teachers: August 16 HI Society workshop+

The museum invites educators to sign up for our next teacher workshop that takes place on August 16.  This half-day...

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Q+A with Benny Rietveld+

The master bassist talks about his upcoming Saturday, June 28, show at the Doris Duke Theatre, keeping chestnuts “fresh,” and...

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Art Deco Hawai‘i is almost here. Opens July 3.+

Theresa Papanikolas, our curator of European and American art, started work on Art Deco Hawai‘i almost four years ago. Last...

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Inside supertease Violetta Beretta+

Violetta Beretta is at the forefront of Hawai‘i’s burlesque scene. The professionally trained dancer got her teasing start with Cherry...

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Verifying the artist of a special Chilkat robe+

Recently, the museum was honored to welcome a very special group—Albert “Hutch” Hunt, his daughter Corinne Hunt, Corinne’s daughter Kayleigh,...

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Honolulu Printmakers create print installation at new Kaka‘ako Agora June 17-26+

Get more Kaka‘ako Agora information and see schedule. Learn more about Honolulu Printmakers.

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‘Art Deco Hawai‘i’ sneak peek: Agnes Lawrence Pelton’s ‘Ginger’+

Curator of European and American art Theresa Papanikolas, along with staff from departments across the museum, are working full steam...

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Stephan Jost: Advancement is working+

A year ago we decided to create a new museum department—Advancement. The Advancement team comprises departments that focus on fundraising,...

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Music programmer Brandon Apeles:+

Honolulu Museum of Art music programmer Brandon Apeles attended his first concert when he was five—his parents took him to...

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Summer Art Camp program expands for English Language Learner students+

This week is going to be BUSY at the Honolulu Museum of Art School. ELL (English Language Learner) students from...

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