Behind-the-scenes news from the Honolulu Museum of Art

A different spin on process painting…+

“Document your work!” Something art instructors preach to students from the very beginning. For some reason though, it seems to...

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‘The Lost Symbol’ at the Academy in January+

A fan of Dan Brown’s latest blockbuster—an exploration into the mysteries of Freemasonry? (As Maureen Dowd wrote in The New...

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Talented staff: Aaron Padilla in ‘Degrees of Distinction’ @ UH+

There’s little over a week left to see “Degrees of Distinction,” an exhibition of alumni work at the University of...

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Can’t stop going in Gallery 27+

Staff are abuzz about Curator Theresa Papanikolas’ and Installation Designer Larry Maruya’s reinstallation of the Clare Boothe Luce Gallery (aka...

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Mirror image? Hokusai’s idealized Mount Fuji+

At first glance, Katushika Hokusai’s woodblock print “Reflection in Lake Misaka in Kai Province,” part of the series “Thirty-six Views...

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Stephen Little on ‘The Great Wave’+

The undisputed star—or at least most recognizable work—in the exhibition “Hokusai’s Summit: Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji” is the venerated...

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He paints too+

Not only is Honolulu Academy of Arts Director Stephen Little an authority on Chinese art and the author of books...

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Introducing Boz Schurr+

If you hadn’t noticed, there is a new Artist in Residence in Gallery 31 Art Studio. Her name is Boz...

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Bank of Hawaii Family Sunday: Views from the Top+

The day opened with a bang—students from The Pacific Buddhist Academy of Hawaii performed taiko drumming in Central Courtyard. The...

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The party’s over+

    The Art Studio is again dark (for just one weekend) as Allison Uttley has packed up her work...

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