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Words for a queen+

The exhibition A Thousand Words and Counting at Spalding House is actually made up of five smaller exhibitions. One of...

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Garden of Reflection Week 6+

For our final week at the Spalding House, the Academy of the Pacific students and I touched up and secured...

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Garden of Reflection Week 5+

The students from Academy of the Pacific take a break after adding some finishing touches to our colored mirror and...

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Garden of Reflection Week 4+

Students from Academy of the Pacific help install the colorful mirrors which reflect upon the entrance of the Cades Pavilion...

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Two more reinstalled galleries to see!: 20th-century art+

People who attend Two Museums and a Royal Palace tonight will be the first to see the two latest galleries...

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Garden of Reflection Week 3+

Week 3 of our Garden of Reflection installation has produced some unexpected light effects and placement of reflective objects. Visitors...

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New in the galleries: Dazzling porcelain display+

Back in November, Amber Ludwig, curatorial assistant in the European and American Art department, wrote about her project creating an...

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Garden of Reflection: Week 1+

It was a great first weekend here at Spalding House! Here I am installing the colored mirrors, which museum visitors...

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New at Spalding House: Garden of Reflection+

I’m the new Orvis Artist in Residence at Spalding House—I start my installation on July 21. This is my first...

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Art to Go in action+

Abbey Day, our outreach program coordinator, has shared some wonderful presentations of two Art to Go sessions that ended in...

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