This free tour will appeal to students who are studying or are from the Pacific Rim cultures. By starting with the question “what is art” and “why is it made,” they will gain an understanding of cultural commonalities and differences within the traditional art of the Pacific Rim. On the tour they will see art objects from the Philippines, Indonesian, Pacific Island and Art of Hawai‘i galleries. The tour will focus on functional arts such as textiles (kapa, ikat and batik), sculpture (ancestors and deities), and the cultural beliefs that the objects convey. As they follow the migration routes across the Pacific, students understand and see similarities in function, materials, decorative patterns and customs. The students will handle objects, engage in storytelling and poetry writing to meet DOE benchmarks in Social Studies, Fine Arts, and Language Arts.

This free tour is designed for grades 2-6.

We will begin taking SY 2014-2015 reservations for this tour (and all of our other offerings) on July 1, 2014.

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