The Honolulu Museum of Art and the Myron B. Thompson Academy (MBTA) are in their fifth year of partnership, as part of the museum’s outreach programs, to offer courses in art to MBTA intermediate and high school students. A public charter school, the MBTA specializes in distance learning and many of its classes are conducted online. However, the art classes are provided by and held at the Honolulu Museum of Art School.

This year’s third term ended on Friday, March 15, with a celebration and exhibition of students’ artwork from Metalwork and Jewelry, Ceramics, and Photography classes. The classes, which have a focus on providing students with an introduction to a medium, take the students through the process from concept to creation.

During the exhibition, each student presented one or two of their own creations from the term. Students talked about how their projects interested them, along with any highlights or challenges they encountered. The works reflect their personal interests as well as their distinct aesthetics.

Here’s a look at some of the photos from the exhibition:

Kylie Krieger's belt buckle

A belt buckle crafted by Kylie Krieger

A ceramic cat, complete with Cheshire grin

The term 3 crew

The third-term crew

A few weeks ago we posted on how students collaborate in the classroom. We’re so excited to share the final image of the bottle-cap mural completed at Kaimuki Middle School through its own Artist in Residency Program. At the end of the school year, similar to the MBTA exhibition, students at Kaimuki will unveil the mural to their school. The students will have to wait for the unveiling, but here’s a sneak peek for our blog community!
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