The Honolulu Museum of Art is entering 2020 and welcoming the new decade with an updated look. After much work, consideration, and testing over the past year, the museum unveiled a brand new logo refreshed with a clean, modern, stylized, and mobile-friendly look for 2020 based on the popular acronym HoMA.

“With this bold new visual identity, we embrace HoMA as our new primary logo. All of our venues and offerings are now unified under these four simple stacked letters—stable and balanced, yet always open to potential and possibility,” said Creative Director Anjali Lee. “Building on the success of our 2012 rebrand, we also updated our color palette with deeper hues, redesigned the HoMA magazine, the Art School catalogue, the museum website (launching this spring) and enter 2020 with clarity, relevance, and focus.”

HoMA began introducing its new brand earlier in the year on a few logo items in the museum shop to pique the public’s interest. The new acronym and logo have proven catchy and popular, and with so many groundbreaking and innovative projects, programs, and exhibitions lined up for 2020, the museum decided to launch the new brand and embrace the exciting future ahead.

“We are thrilled to start the New Year with an amazing new look,” said Chief Communications Officer Kevin Imanaka. “HoMA is certainly entering a new era and our introduction of a bold new logo embodies our forward-looking commitment to innovative, art-focused programming that sparks conversation, deepens creativity, and enables us to grow together as a community.”