Opening Nov. 29 is a new shop at Spalding House in Makiki Heights. Architect Glenn Mason has transformed an old storage shed adjacent to the café into a light, bright retail space where shoppers will find designs and lines of contemporary jewelry, accessories and home décor items that aren’t at the main location.

Pictured above is what the shop looked like on Wednesday. Shop staffers Betsy Robertson and Courtland Cleland are busy stocking and decorating it as I write.

Spalding House fans will also be pleased to know that after a couple months of construction disrupting café service, the Spalding House Café is now back in full swing, with a great exhibition of “album-cover art” and a new beverage counter. Chef Susan Lai-Hipp is turning out her irresistible grilled cheese sammies, and the specials are always great—this week I had a delicious curry-carrot soup and kalua pig sandwich.

Take a garden seat at the Spalding House Café.