Opening on Feb. 4 is our new curriculum-driven exhibition Less = More at Spalding House. This time art makes tangible the principles of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication and illustrates how they can be used to transform the simple into the complex.

To make the exhibition come alive for your students, we are creating an activity-filled tour that will turn the galleries turn into math labs students use art to explore concepts of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.  Through the works of artists such as Michael Lafosse, who creates origami flower sculptures comprised of a series of carefully calculated folds, or Chun Kwang Young, who creates highly textured surfaces by affixing innumerable paper triangles onto a large spherical form, students will discover how artists use math concepts to create art. The tour offers multiple opportunities to enjoy art and practice math skills in fun and engaging ways. Following the hour-long tour, students will create a work of art inspired by what they saw in the galleries.

This tour is designed for grades K through 12, and runs from Feb. 4 to May 31. Registration for the tour is now open.

All expenses for bus transportation and art-making supplies for Less=More are provided by presenting sponsor Hawaiian Electric.

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Help design the tour: Educators, we are in the process of developing the tour. Want to help shape it to your needs? Join our Jan. 16 focus group!