It may not be the holidays quite yet, but there’s no such thing as starting gift shopping too soon. Let the new items in the Honolulu Museum of Art’s Museum Shop help guide the way.

For the perfect stocking stuffer, check out the Shop’s new range of enamel pins, which run for $12.95 each.  True fans of the Honolulu Museum of Art will appreciate the signature HoMA pins.

Who says less is more?

Who says less is more when it comes to pins?

The Shop is also excited to announce enamel pins inspired by some of the elegant royal orders displayed in our seminal exhibition Ho‘oulu Hawai‘i: The King Kalākaua Era.

The Shop also just recieved some gorgeous handcrafted items from Latin America—perfect as a thoughtful gift for a loved one or maybe even just yourself.

Choose from a fun, festive selection of Peruvian retablos, which are folk art in the form of portable boxes. Originating in Ayacucho, retablos depict religious, historical or everyday events. Currently in stock are this large “Little Devils” wedding retablo for $52.95, a small skeleton wedding retablo for $12.95 and a tiny ornament nativity scene for $8.95.

Surprise your loved ones with a handcrafted gift from Peru.

Surprise your loved ones with a handcrafted gift from Peru.

The Shop also has handpainted tin ornaments from Mexico. The selection includes a traditional heart-in-hand ornament for $5.95; the patron saint of Mexico for $9.95, the Virgin Guadalupe; and a dove and heart for $14.95.

Who wouldn't adore these vivid tin ornaments?

Who wouldn’t adore these vivid tin ornaments?

This ceramic incense stand features Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god. The daintily decorated stand is perfect for those fond of healing fragrances and who want to usher in good energies for the new year. The dish, which is five inches in diameter, costs $10.95.

Rings and keys now have a beautiful home!

Incense now have a beautiful home!

Did you know that when you get your gifts at the Museum Shop, you are directly supporting the museum—all proceeds go into museum programs and operations, not shareholders’ dividends. In a way, by shopping at the museum, you’re giving back to the community—which includes you!
Questions? Call the Museum Shop at 532-8704.