Here are Academy Film Curator Gina Caruso and director Nathan Apffel having a pre-festival pow wow in Pavilion Cafe. Just 25, Nathan Apffel made Lost Prophets: Search for the Collective—the opening film for the Third Annual Surf Film Festival tonight (tickets for tonight are SOLD OUT. But you can buy ahead for any other film—get them while you can.)

When asked what inspired the California native to make the film, Apffel said that as a director for the Fuel television series Fins, he saw that most of what is publicized about the surfing world is the glamour stuff. “And it’s the opposite of that.” He wanted to capture the surfers who are in it for the connection to the ocean. “These guys are relatively unknown, yet surf companies use them as icons.”

The film is also screening in France today. But Nathan is here. And he is excited that he was able to invite his friend Duke Boyd to the opening tonight. Thanks for being part of the festival Nathan—you embody the current of aloha that runs through surfing (but is not always apparent).

Read Mike Gordon’s great story on the festival in the Star Advertiser.

PS: Happy birthday Gina!