On March 31, for the 15th anniversary screening of Donnie Darko, the Doris Duke Theatre welcomed a special guest—the film’s creepy inter-dimensional bunny Frank. The human-size rabbit sat in the theater motionless as guests walked in, prompting a wave of hesitant selfies. Then the lights went down, the movie started, and when nobody was paying attention Frank disappeared.

Sporting the Frank costume was theater projectionist and special events assistant Alec Singer, who has spearheaded the theater’s recent initiative to add a little something extra to the moviegoing experience. At last month’s screening of Silence of the Lambs, guests got to enjoy fava beans with a nice Chianti (fft fft fftt fftt fft). When Reservoir Dogs played in March, guests were given colors corresponding to the characters on screen, and one lucky group—everybody who got stuck with Mr. Pink—won a pink notebook.

“I hope that by creating a spectacle at our screenings people will want to share their experiences,” says Singer. “I’d like for us to reach people who may not otherwise know about the kinds of things we do here.”

Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

Why is theater director Taylour Chang wearing that stupid bunny suit?