As the days go by (like sand through the hourglass), so are you reminded of Mother’s Day quickly approaching. Every year you plan to get your gift early, and every year time passes you by and you do some last-minute shopping (and so are the days of our lives). But this year the procrastination cycle will end! Luckily the Museum Shop has you covered, providing the perfect gifts for Mom (who may or may not watch Days of Our Lives, you know her best).


Color was so last year
Help Mom stand out from the crowd with this modern black and white necklace by designer Michal Taharlev. The perfect accessory for a night out, this necklace will have people asking your mom where in the world they can find such a piece. When your mother answers that it is from her child, naturally you will seem like child of the year. “This is the perfect mix of industrial and modern,” says museum retail manager Cori Mackie. “The designer uses the traditional hand-weaving techniques and combines them with industrial materials which results in one-of-a-kind pieces. I see this paired with a great suit or evening gown.”


Function meets form
Contrary to popular belief, your mom cares about more than just you. She also cares about the environment. For the environmentally-conscious mother who wants to reduce her carbon footprint, why not give her a memobottle? The memobottle is a flat, reusable water bottle designed to fit in any bag—a tote, a backpack, a laptop case. No matter the type of bag your mom prefers, this handy water bottle will conveniently fit inside. This gift is a win for you and your mother—she gets to say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and you get the relief of knowing your mother is hydrated. The memobottle is available in two sizes, the A5 and A6, resembling international paper sizes.
A6 memobottle: $25
A5 memobottle: $29

For those that like to curl up, and are in need of a good book
Officially, Women’s History Month is in March, but you and your mother know that every month is Women’s History Month (and every day is Mother’s Day, so you should contact her more often). For the mother that can name #5womenartists, get her Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History (In that Order) by Bridget Quinn (book is pictured at top). Quinn brings female artists into the mainstream canon with her book, exploring the lives of artists such as Alice Neel (whose portrait, Marisol, you can find in our Portraiture Gallery) and Judith Leyster.