Mother’s Day is less than a week away! Still need a gift? A selection of one-of-a-kind jewelry has just landed at the Museum Shop. Here are some of our favorite pieces:

Tough Cookie

Tough Cookie Necklace by Juju Supply Co.

Juju Supply Co. is curated by a pair of lifelong friends, Jonathan and Casey, who reconnected in the wake of cancer and divorce. They began their partnership by sharing their most beloved lucky charms—tying things on each other, passing back and forth amulets, crystals, talismans, and trinkets as morale boosters and reminders of brighter days ahead. Prices range from $60-$150.
Iron Leaf Pendant by Julie Cohn $395

Iron Leaf Pendant by Julie Cohn $395

Julie Cohn creates beautiful, limited edition, handcrafted bronze jewelry. As a self-taught jeweler, her approach is unconventional in process and begins by working directly with materials rather than sketching a preconceived idea. Her pieces generate possibilities for layering and stacking to create personal collages that uniquely juxtapose disparate elements with simple elegance.

Cat studs by Rare Rabbit Jewelry

Stretching Kitty Studs by Rare Rabbit Jewelry

We are huge fans of these charming studs by Rare Rabbit—made with quality, natural materials, lightweight and perfect to wear, day or night. Based in Australia, Rare Rabbit was started by women whose mission is to design sustainably-produced products that inspire creativity. Gold or silver plated studs, sterling silver post, hypoallergenic $21.95