Our van Gogh painting, Wheat Field, has covered a lot of ground this year. First, as part of Van Gogh Up Close, an exhibition that looks at van Gogh’s relationship to nature, it took up residence at the Philadephia Museum of Art Feb. 1 to May 6. (The show got a rave in the New York Times.) The exhibition then went to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa May 25 to Sept. 3. The exhibition was organized by the two museums.

Now, it is about to appear in a completely different van Gogh show organized by the Denver Art Museum—Becoming van Gogh, opening Oct. 21. It is so interesting to see familiar works of art in new settings and contexts. Here at the Honolulu Museum of Art, Wheat Field communes with its Impressionist peers like Monet’s Water Lilies and Gauguin’s Two Nudes on a Tahitian Beach. If you happen to be traveling to Denver this fall, we highly recommend you visit the Denver Art Museum to see “your” painting among more than 70 other works by the genius, and see where it sits in the development of his work. The painting may take on a new light for you.