Mika Tajima, who was included in this year’s Whitney Biennial, touches down in HNL tomorrow. She’ll complete the installation of her work “Extruded Plaid (Suicidal Desires)” in “One Way or Another,” then on Wednesday she will do a solo performance that involves the work. You have to be a member to see it. 

Mika Tajima’s artist statement for “One Way or Another”:

Spanning different genres such as installation, sculpture, video, performance, sound, and furniture design, my work simultaneously employs and subverts particular minimalist and modernist tropes, concepts, and design elements. I employ various strategies that often contradict, and I never favor one over the other—this approach is crucial in my understanding of how we locate ourselves and how we can negotiate seemingly overdetermined situations and structures. Pattern is used as a representation for these systems; form is a shell to be applied and continually replicated towards disintegration.

This convergence of contradictions, reallocations, and unlikely combinations reveals uncertainties and instability. This is most notable in installations that integrate sculpture as furniture, video as wallpaper, sound as sculptural elements, clothes as social sculpture, etc.—where elements have multiple identities and unexpected uses.

Through my work I investigate the social function of formalist traditions and its possibilities through my alteration of these practices. My work attempts to find a dislocating place that is familiar—a place that awkwardly has no perfect function, but is a symbol for and an active site where a breakdown occurs.