Miguel Tobias is our mail master, and all-around go-to guy. When he’s not helping the museum run smoothly, you might catch him in a courtyard studying Japanese. We asked him to name his favorite work of art:

Henry Edmond Cross’s Landscape. It’s made up all these little brushstrokes, when most paintings have a wash, or is painted with a big brush. It’s very ingenious the way he did all of these little strokes—you get a feeling of movement. My high school art teacher had the class do paintings made of dots by dipping pencil erasers in paint. I wonder if he got the idea from [Cross]?

Henri-Edmond Cross (French, 1856-1910)
Landscape, ca. 1896-99
Oil on canvas
Purchase, 1974 (4225.1)

On view in the Impressionist & Post-Impressionist Art Gallery.