Last month Rui filled us in on Michael’s Cali-HI commute (he’s getting his MFA at Stanford) for various projects. His hilarious and thought-provoking “Eternal Salivation” mini-ark is now on view in “One Way or Another” at the Academy. And last Thursday was the opening of his installation “Futilitarianism” at Nuuanu Gallery. Michael is into rock climbing and his installation is a sort of climbing wall—a really difficult one. The footholds are mounted thin blocks of wood. An Academy crew that included deputy director Susan Sayre Batton, “One Way or Another” organizer Rui Sasaki, Linekona ceramics studio manager Alan Konishi, Asian art department intern Jane Burke, education resource coordinator Kita McCord and others went down to the opening to show support. It was a local-artist confab with John Koga, Gaye Chan, Mat Kubo and others rubbing shoulders and trying their hand at futilitarian feats.

John Koga, Gaye Chan and Michael Arcega

Top row, from left: John Koga, Gaye Chan and Michael Arcega; Chan and Arcega talk art; Arcega gets Chan to try the wall!.
Bottom row, from left: Koga and Chan analyze Arcega’s Spidey style; Mat Kubo spreadeagled; Kita McCord gets a hand hold; Alan Konishi walked on air (and left some DNA on the wall).