Teaching artist Lauren Trangmar (left) with young artists at Family Sunday 

This month we are celebrating local art and artists at Family Sunday presented by Bank of Hawaii Foundation: Art Shop. Every third Sunday of the month, Family Sunday offers free programs including gallery hunts, a family film in the Doris Duke Theatre, and of course, art making. This month, sticking with the theme of local art and artists, kids will have a chance to make work inspired by Lisa Shiroma, Lauren Trangmar and Eric Beyer. All three are are local artists living and working in Honolulu. The projects this month are inspired their own art and creative process. These three artists and educators all have different backgrounds, education, and styles, but they have one thing in common: they love working with the kids and families that come to Family Sunday every month!

Lisa Shiroma with young artists at Family Sunday

Lisa Shiroma with young artists at Family Sunday

Lisa Shiroma has been teaching at Family Sunday since 2013, after working as an art teacher in HoMA’s outreach and Young Artists programs. She has managed art galleries, museum gift shops, and is currently showing her latest work as part of The Super Awesome Art Squad. At Family Sunday, Lisa’s creative thinking and experience working at the event allows her to manage the crowds, mentor volunteers, and provide instruction to families that come to the event with a sense of calmness and ease. She enjoys the fun energy of the event and loves seeing the kids’ creativity and pride in the art they make. This month, Lisa will be leading kids through a collage-making activity using some of her brightly-colored dog portraits.

Cosmos 1

Cosmology: Creative Macrocosm (Creativum Macrocosmus) by Lauren Trangmar

Lauren Trangmar has taught both children and adults at the Art School and her work has been featured in museum exhibitions, including Artists of Hawai’i: 2015. Lauren sees the event as an opportunity to connect with youngsters, “I love seeing the joy and sense of accomplishment that the projects bring the kids. I enjoy being able to give back and help nurture creativity, much like others did for me at a young age.” To see example of Lauren’s work, check out her piece titled Cosmology: Creative Macrocosm (Creativum Macrocosmus) on view in the 21st Century Women exhibition. This month, kids can work alongside Lauren and create their own maps detailing their creative journeys.

Teaching artist Eric Beyer at Spalding House.

Teaching artist Eric Beyer at Spalding House

At  Spalding House, where there are even more Family Sunday activities, artist and educator Eric Beyer fills the classroom with positive energy. Eric started as a teaching assistant at the Art School in 2002, teaching cartooning for the Young Artist Program, and continued teaching through the museum’s outreach programs. Spalding House Family Sunday has a more intimate feeling, so Eric has had a chance to really get to know families over the last several years. He enjoys seeing kids grow, practice new art skills, and encouraging their love for art making. Eric is always making something new and currently he is excited to complete a series of oil paintings featuring the diverse landscapes, plants and animals of Volcano, Big Island. This month, Eric will be sharing one of this favorite activities—printmaking. Take the shuttle up to Spalding House to make art with Eric, and see other artists working, including Dee Oliva and Mark Norseth.

Come meet the artists and make art together!