The goal of Contempo #ArtShop, which ended yesterday, basically was the museum’s new mission: To connect people with great art, to make people see art as part of their everyday lives. And these moments of art engagement happened many times throughout the event’s 10 days.

Shoko and Andrew Livingston had read about #ArtShop in the museum’s members’ magazine and checked it out on the first day. GR2 artist Rob Sato’s color pencil-and-watercolor work on paper Migrants caught their eye. “I liked the colors,” said Andrew, “but we weren’t sure.” He and Shoko, who have been members since 2013, went home and had a think and did some research online. Then they returned the next day and bought their first ever original work of art.  It also happened to be Giant Robot Day, and the artist was there in the gallery. The Livingston’s got to talk with the creator of their artwork. Shoko had clearly done research, asking him why the piece they purchased was relatively simple compared to some of his earlier work. “I’m interested in abstraction, and am loosening up a little,” explained Sato. “Many artists, as they get older, figure out how to communicate something with the simplest of shape and lines.” Then offered to show the Livingstons sketches he did to prepare for the painting.

Interested in doing like the Livingstons and taking a first step to art collecting? You may want to explore our Honolulu Museum of Art Collectors group. #makeartpartofyourlife

Andrew Livingston meets Rob Sato, the maker of his first work of art.

Andrew Livingston meets Rob Sato, the maker of his first art acquistion.